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230 Series Marine Diesel Engine

The 230 series marine diesel engine is a four stroke engine that is capable of being operated on heavy fuel oil of 380cSt/50℃ or of 3500 sec.Red.No.1/100℉. This series is available in 6 or 8 cylinders, and in output ranging from 660kW to 1324kW. The emission is fully compliant with IMO-Tier Ⅱstandard.

The 6230 model is a new medium speed engine developed by our company in cooperation with the Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute on the basis of the successful experience in marine diesel engine design and applications. It is widely used as the main or auxiliary ship engine.

1. General structure
The 6230ZC model of 230 series uses wet sump, but dry sump is also an available alternative for individual needs of different ship owners. The marine diesel engine is capable of outputting 75% of the rated torque from the free end, to meet the requirements of fisheries.

2. Supercharging system
To bump up the compression ratio and lower the fuel consumption, the 230 series marine diesel engine uses VTRI turbochargers or other ones with higher efficiency. The turbocharger has water cleaning apparatus for cleaning compressor and turbine in the case of using heavy oil.

3. Intake and exhaust system
The marine diesel engine features an ipsilateral layout of intake and exhaust pipes. The intake manifold and the engine body are cast as an integral part, thus increasing the airbox volume, effectively reducing the inlet pressure fluctuation, and strengthening the body’s rigidity.

4. Optimized fuel pump
In order to achieve the performance requirements of the marine diesel engine, the fuel pump adopts the piston in diameter as large as 20mm. The nozzle’s diameter and angle, as well as the fuel cam profile, has also been optimized to improve the fuel injection rate and injection pressure.

The series 230 engines can be used as the main engine of the following ships:
Dredgers, Engineering ships, Chemical ships, Bulk carriers, Riverboats, Ro-Ro vehicle ships, Oil tankers, Tugboats

  • Haiyang Shi You 252 ocean environment
    protection engineering ship using
    8230ZC×4 diesel engine
  • The Century Diamond new century cruises equipped
    with our 2 sets of 8230ZC marine diesel
    engine as its propelling unit.
Overall Dimensions
Item Model 6230ZC-1 6230ZC 6230ZC 6230ZC-4 8230ZC 8230ZC-4
Cylinder bore (mm) 230
Piston stroke (mm) 300
No. of cylinders 6 8
MCR (kW/P) 660/900 730/993 810/1100 960/1300 1100/1500 1324/1800
Speed at MCR (r/min) 750 750 750 900 750 900
Mean effective pressure (Mpa) 1.41 1.56 1.73 1.712 1.73 1.771
Max. combustion pressure (Mpa) ≤13.0 ≤13.0 ≤13.5 ≤14.0 ≤13.5 ≤14.0
Specific fuel oil consumption
at 85% MCR
at 100% MCR
Specific lube oil consumption (g/kW.) 1.0
Main dimensions (L×B×H mm) 3852×1353×2718 3898×1353×2792 4638×1353×2792
Weight (kg) 11500 11700 14500

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