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G26 Series Marine Diesel Engine

The G26 series marine diesel engine is our self-developed new diesel motor. The development is based on long-term accumulated large numbers of designs, calculations, test data and abundant manufacture experience. The success is also inseparable from the absorption of world advanced technologies.

The marine diesel engine can work with 380cSt/50℃ HFO. The crankshaft adopts full balanced construction, so the vibration of the whole engine is small, and the marine engine can output 100% rated power from the free end.

The G26 series marine diesel engine provides a more compact operating platform for operators. The cylinder lifting height has been lowered. The modular, multi-functional and user-friendly design simplifies operation and reduces labor intensity.

Reliability and economy are both embodied in the G26 series marine diesel engine. The marine diesel conforms to environmental regulations, while maximizing economic profits. The engine can serve as main or auxiliary marine engine, or a diesel generator for land power station.

The G26 series marine diesel engine represents a solution for marine propulsion as the main or auxiliary engines of ro-ro ships, oil tankers, container ships, bulk ships,
tugboats, dredgers, ocean engineering ships and ocean official ships, etc.

Overall Dimensions
Item Model 6G26E 6G26 8G26 9G26
Cylinder bore (mm) 260
Piston stroke (mm) 390
No. of cylinders 6 8 9
MCR (kW/P) 1760/2400 1998/2700 2664/3600 3000/4080
Speed at MCR (r/min) 750
Mean effective pressure (Mpa) 2.26 2.57 2.57 2.57
Max. combustion pressure (Mpa) 19.0 21
Specific fuel oil consumption
at 85% MCR
at 100% MCR
Specific lube oil consumption (g/kW.) 0.8
Main dimensions (L×B×H mm) 5153×1685×3386 6043.5×1810×3463 6478×1810×3463
Weight (kg) 26000 30000 33000

GDF is one of the most outstanding diesel engine manufacturers and a professional provider of marine power solutions. Your satisfaction is our untiring pursuit.

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