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G32 Series Marine Diesel Engine

In response to the increasingly high requirements for engine reliability from boaters in shipping industry, we developed the G32 series marine diesel engine. As one of the boat parts, the propulsion engine boasts cutting-edge technology and wonderful performance, keeping ahead on the home market and reaching the world advanced level at the turn of this century.

The marine diesel engine is designed to have efficient turbocharger that is conducive to control the emission of exhaust pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide. High-pressure fuel injection system components, as well as intercooler with moderate cooling effect, are also adopted so as to meet requirements for nitrogen dioxide emissions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The exhaust smoke under all working conditions is controlled within 0.3Bosch, thus achieving running with no visible smoke.

The G32 series marine dieselengine is a turbocharged, four-stroke, water cooled, directly injected and irreversible one with a charging air cooler. The engine is available in 6-, 8- or 9- cylinder types, with the output ranging from 2665kW to 4400kW. The machine can be operated on heavy fuel oil of 380cSt/50℃ or 3500 sec.Red.No.1/100℉.

1. Engine block without cooling water chamber

The G32 series marine diesel engine is using an inverted main bearing structure. By using two main bearing studs fastened by hydraulic stretching tools, and two studs laterally pulled tightly together at left and right sides of the engine body, the main bearing cap is connected with the engine body to form a structure with sufficient strength and stiffness to resist torsion and bending.

2. Fully balanced crankshaft
The crankshaft is made of high-quality alloy steel by overall continuous fiber forging. Special method is taken to achieve a thorough balancing of each cylinder. Large size balancing blocks are provided on each of the crank to perfectly counterweight the unbalanced centrifugal force. The mechanism improves the distribution of crankshaft stress and bearing load, ensuring the safe operation of the crankshaft.

3. Intercooler box
The intercooler of the marine diesel engine is manufactured by GEA company. The cabinet is of drawer-type structure, and the core is divided into two parts for high and low temperatures respectively. It is easy to mount the core from the side of the box or remove it for cleaning.

4. Monitoring system
The G32 series marine diesel engine is equipped with a set of SB-ZJ-II MCU monitoring and control system with SB-LC type operation box and 64 capacitance level sensor. The system is responsible for real-time collection and monitoring of more than 50 important operating parameters, such as main bearing temperature, lube oil, cooling water, and intake and exhaust temperatures of each cylinder. The system will give alarms upon limit crossing. Safety devices are provided for stopping the marine diesel engine in cases of over speed and low oil pressure, ensuring the reliability of the boat motor.

5. Easy to use and maintain
The G32 series marine diesel engine is equipped with electric barring device, reducing the labor intensity of operators. The intercooler is of drawer-type cabinet structure, which is easily installable, removable, and washable. The powerful bolts, including the cylinder head bolts, main bearing bolts, and the laterally tensioned studs, can be tightened or loosened by using hydraulic tensioners and special tools, so that the maintenance work is both convenient and easy.

The G32 series marine diesel engine can be used as the main engine of the following ships:
Ro-Ro vehicle ships, Oil tankers, Container ships, Bulk carriers, Tugboats, Fishing ships, Dredgers, Naval ships, AHTS.

  • Jihai 8005 Ocean Engineering Ship using two sets
    of 6G32A as the main engine
  • Jiangxin No.7 container ship using G32 as the
    main engine
  • Qiongzhou Channel Yuehai Railway No.3 ferry and
    Yuehai Railway No.4 ferry using two sets of 8G32
    marine diesel engine respectively.
Overall Dimensions
Item Model 6G32 6G32A 8G32 8G32A 9G32
Cylinder bore (mm) 320
Piston stroke (mm) 480
No. of cylinders 6 8 9
MCR (kW/P) 2665/3600 2930/4000 3552/4800 3906/5310 4400/6000
Speed at MCR (r/min) 600
Mean effective pressure (Mpa) 2.30 2.53 2.30 2.53 2.53
Max. combustion pressure (Mpa) ≤19.0
Specific fuel oil consumption
at 85% MCR
at 100% MCR
Specific lube oil consumption (g/kW.) 0.8
Main dimensions
(L×B×H mm)
Weight (kg) 36500 46000 54000

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