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230SG Series Natural Gas Generator Set

The 230SG series natural gas generator set is our new and low-carbon product, which is developed with the foreign research institute. The natural gas engine is available in 50Hz and 60Hz, and in power range of 580KW-800KW.

The 230SG natural gas generator set adopts the ignition method by electric spark plug with pre-combustion chamber. The ignition-by-cylindergas intake valve timing control eliminates the risk of reversed spread of flame. The flame spreads fast and acceleration performance is better. The carbon oxide emission per unit power of the natural gas generator set is 75% of that of the diesel engine. The knock detection and emergency response system ensure the safe operation of the marine engine.

1. The accurate air-gas ratio makes NOx emission much less.
2. COx emission is only 75% of that of diesel engine.
3. Knock detection and emergency handing system ensure engine running safety.
4. The 6230SG natural gas generator set passed type approval test in the presence of CCS and DNV surveyors in 2012, and got the type approval certificate issued by CCS.
5. Application: marine main engine of inland and offshore navigation, ship power station.

Foreign research institute for developing 230SG series natural gas generator set

Overall Dimensions


Generating set Gas engine Main dimensions (mm)
Model Rated output (kW) Frequency (Hz) Weight of Gen-set (kg) Model L B H
CQFJ580J-W 580 60 18500 6230SG 5763 1753 2572
CQFJ600J-W 600 50 18500 6230SG 5763 1753 2572
CQFJ770J-W 770 60 23000 8230SG 6719 1753 2822
CQFJ800J-W 800 50 23000 8230SG 6719 1753 2822
Cylinder bore (mm) Stroke (mm) Cylinder power (kW/cyl) Speed (rpm) Mean effective pressure (MPa) Spec. fuel consumption (g/kW.h) Fuel type
230 300 110 720/750 1.47~1. 41 8276 Natural gas(Methane number ≥80)

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