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Heavy Fuel Oil Supply Unit

Heavy Fuel Oil Supply Unit
The heavy fuel oil supply unit (HFO supply unit) made by GDF consists of the viscosity-temperature control system (MkII) and the final heater (CBM26) from Alfa Laval company. This fuel oil supply system is the crucial equipment to ensure the right oil pressure, viscosity and temperature.

The heavy fuel oil supply unit can be switched between DO and HFO flexibly and the standby pump unit can be put into operation automatically when something wrong happens to the normal pump unit. The unit has many features such as easy operation, reliable performance and compact construction, etc. We can provide CCS certificate for the fuel system.

Specifications of Heavy Fuel Oil Supply Unit
Item Model HFOE.04C.00 HFOE.03C.00
Alfa Laval viscosity-temperature
control system
Oil supply capacity (m3/h) 3 1.5
HFO circulation capacity (m3/h) 6 3
DFO output pressure (MPa) 0.2~ 0.3 0.2~ 0.3
HFO output pressure (MPa) 0.4~ 0.5(180cSt/50 ℃ HFO)
0.45~ 0.55(380cSt/50 ℃ HFO)
0.4~ 0.5(180cSt/50 ℃ HFO)
0.45~ 0.55(380cSt/50 ℃ HFO)
HFO output viscosity (cSt) 12~ 14 12~ 14
Heating media Steam or Heat conduction oil Steam or Heat conduction oil
Required steam capacity According to model of HFO supply unit According to model of HFO supply unit
Dimension(L×B×H mm) 2300×1400×2282 2300×1400×1760
Weight (kg) 1100 1065
Applicable oil (cSt/50 ℃) 180HFO, 380HFO 180HFO, 380HFO

HFO Separating Module
The HFO separating module made in GDF consists of HFO separator, plate type heater and screw fuel oil supply pump from Alfa Laval. The module is indispensable for HFO operation of the engine. This unit boasts easy operation, reliable performance, and reduction of on-the-spot pipeline connection, etc.

Parameters of HFO Separating Module
HFO Separating Module Lube Oil Separating Module
Model HFOE.01.00 HFOE.02.00 HFOE.01.00 HFOE.02.00
Alfa Laval model P615 P605 P615 P605
Maximum amount of effective separation (L/h) 2200 1600 1300 9500 1450 860
Medium (cSt/50℃) 180HFO 380HFO 180HFO 380HFO Lube Oil
Max machine power (kW) 6800 4800 3900 2880 5000 3000
Separation temperature (℃) 98 98
Operating air pressure (MPa) 05~0.7
Operating water pressure (MPa) 0.2~0.6
Heating medium steam
Demand for heating medium steam 110kg/h steam 60kg/h
(L× B × H mm)
1100× 1000 × 1260
Weight (kg) 1000

GDF is one of the most outstanding heavy fuel oil supply unit manufacturers and a professional provider of diesel power solutions. Your satisfaction is our untiring pursuit.

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