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    1. 230 Series Marine Diesel Engine

      The 230 series marine diesel engine is a four stroke engine that is capable of being operated on heavy fuel oil of 380cSt/50℃ or of 3500 sec.Red.No.1/100℉. This series is available in 6 or 8 cylinders, and in output ranging from 660kW to 1324kW. The emission is fully compliant with IMO-Tier Ⅱstandard.

    1. 320 Series Marine Diesel Engine

      The marine engine is a four-stroke, water-cooled, directly injected, exhaust turbocharged diesel engine with a charging air cooler. The marine diesel engine comes in 6-cylinder, 8-cylinder, and 12-cylinder types, with output ranging from 971kW to 2426kW. The marine propulsion engine can be operated on heavy ...

    1. G26 Series Marine Diesel EngineThe marine diesel engine can work with 380cSt/50℃ HFO. The crankshaft adopts full balanced construction, so the vibration of the whole engine is small, and the marine engine can output 100% rated power from the free end.
    1. G32 Series Marine Diesel Engine

      The marine diesel engine is designed to have efficient turbocharger that is conducive to control the emission of exhaust pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide. High-pressure fuel injection system components, as well as intercooler with moderate cooling effect, are also adopted so as to meet requirements for nitrogen dioxide ...

    1. 230 Series Marine Generator Set

      It is worth mentioning that the most prominent feature of 230 series marine generator set is that the diesel engine and electric generator are mounted on the common base frame, which also serves as the storage tank of lube oil at the same time. So, the structure is compact and the space occupation shrinks.

    1. 6CS21/32 Marine Generator SetThe 6CS21/32 marine generator set adopts high-pressure common-rail fuel injection system with high-pressure ratio turbocharger and Miller timing, so as to achieve good economy and low emission for each condition. The 6CS21/32 diesel engine can operate on 180cSt/50℃ HFO.
    1. G26 Series Marine Generator SetThe diesel engine has many features, such as small lifting cylinder height, configuration reliability, and being energy saving and environmentally friendly. It is also designed to simplify the operation and reduce the labor intensity.
    1. G32 Series Marine Generator Set

      The generating set can apply to large engineering ships and all-electric ship power stations, and can satisfy the growing demand for automatic control. The G32 marine generator set is featured by sufficient margin power, low fuel consumption and emission, easy maintenance, and being widely applicable to power generation ...

    1. 230SG Series Natural Gas Generator Set

      The 230SG natural gas generator set adopts the ignition method by electric spark plug with pre-combustion chamber. The ignition-by-cylinder gas intake valve timing control eliminates the risk of reversed spread of flame. The flame spreads fast and acceleration performance is better. The carbon oxide emission per unit power ...

    1. 230 Series Land-Use Diesel Generator SetThe 230 series land-use diesel generator set adopts "no pipeline" design concept, with oil and water pipelines integrated in the engine block, which significantly reduces parts and components and improves the reliability of the HFO generator.
    1. 6CS21/32 Land-Use Diesel Generator SetThe pipeline-free design not only improves the reliability of the diesel engine, but also makes the maintenance easy and convenient. The compact connecting with the power generator effectively reduces the overall dimensions.
    1. 320 Series Land-Use Diesel Generator Set

      The genset can be equipped with common base frame. Elastic mounting and rigid mounting on the base ground are both workable so as to meet requirements of different users. The 320 land-use diesel generator set is suitable for large engineering ship power plants, all power-driven vessel power plants ...

    1. G26 Series Land-Use Diesel Generator SetThe structure of the land-use diesel generator set is reliable and user-friendly, simplifying the operation and reducing labor intensity. In addition, the generating set also boasts long life and low consumption of fuel and lube oil.
    1. G32 Series Land-Use Diesel Generator Set

      The land generator is available in frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz and in power range of 2500KW-4180KW. With sufficient margin power, low fuel consumption, and easy maintenance, it is widely used for various transport ships. The land-use diesel generator set uses double-bearing generator with good torsional vibration ...

    1. Natural Gas Generator Set for Land Use

      The accurate air-gas ratio makes NOx emission much less.
      COx emission of the natural gas engine is only 75% of that of diesel engine.
      Knock detection and emergency handing system ensure engine running safety.

    1. Marine Propulsion SystemWe have the capacity of batch supply of 660kW-6000kW (900Ps-8200Ps) marine diesel engines. However, our supply is not limited to that only, but also includes a full package of solutions for marine propulsion system and remote control system for vessels and offshore operations.
    1. Heavy Fuel Oil Supply UnitThe heavy fuel oil supply unit can be switched between DO and HFO flexibly and the standby pump unit can be put into operation automatically when something wrong happens to the normal pump unit. The unit has many features such as easy operation, reliable performance and compact construction, etc.