Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory Co., Ltd.
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Contact Person: Mr. Xie Wen

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A-Marine & Engineering Pte Ltd

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  • Company Profile

  • Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory Co., Ltd., formerly known as Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory, is one of the oldest companies in China's diesel engine manufacturing industry. Our predecessor, Xietonghe Machinery Factory established in 1911, made the first diesel engine in China in 1915. Now, GDF has grown into the largest manufacturer of diesel power products in South China, with the capacity of mass production of marine diesel engine, marine generator set, and land-use generator set.

    GDF mainly manufactures series 230, 320, G26, G32 medium-speed diesel engines with output from 660kW to 6000kW. Our diesel engines have many features such as high operational stability and reliability, sufficient margin power, low fuel consumption, low emission, low running cost and easy maintenance, thus being widely acclaimed by users.

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  • History

  • 1911
    Xietonghe Machinery Factory, the predecessor of Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory Co., Ltd. (GDF), was established as a professional manufacturer of diesel engines.

    Xietonghe Machinery Factory made the first diesel engine in China.

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  • R & D

    Our predecessor company, Xietonghe, was established in 1911 and the first diesel engine in China was born there in 1915. Our expertise is built on a century’s heritage of exploration in the field of diesel engine manufacturing. GDF is committed to building our own leading brand in the industry. The medium speed diesel engine produced by us boasts the most advanced parameters and the maximum power among similar power products in China.

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  • Partners

  • Strengthening cooperation is an effective way to safeguard and improve the corporate development.Upholding the concept of creating the future through win-win cooperation, we keep onbroadening the areas of cooperation in trade and industrial transfer. We are committed to working with partners toward a better future of mutual benefits and scientific development in diesel mechanic industry.

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  • Teamwork

  • The business success of GDF is inseparable from the efforts of our staff. GDF has a prime management team who values unity and cooperation, a group of skilled, positive and optimistic technical personnel as well as a professional sales team with sincere heart. We persevere in strengthening staff trainings,and strive to help our employees grow into the inexhaustible driving force of corporate development.

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