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Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory Co., Ltd., formerly known as Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory, is one of the oldest companies in China's diesel engine manufacturing industry. Our predecessor, Xietonghe Machinery Factory established in 1911, made the first diesel engine in China in 1915. Now, GDF has grown into the largest manufacturer of diesel power products in South China, with the capacity of mass production of marine diesel engine, marine generator set, and land-use generator set.

GDF mainly manufactures series 230, 320, G26, G32 medium-speed diesel engines with output from 660kW to 6000kW. Our diesel engines have many features such as high operational stability and reliability, sufficient margin power, low fuel consumption, low emission, low running cost and easy maintenance, thus being widely acclaimed by users.

The 230SG series nature gas engine, our new development, is designed collaboratively with Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute. The design caters to the international market demand, and conforms to the energy saving and emission reduction principle. The product got the type approval certificate issued by CCS.

GDF has obtained factory authorization certificates issued by classification societies in many countries, such as CCS, BV, GL, NK, LR, and DNV. We also have established a strict quality management system, which is certified in accordance with ISO9001 standard by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). The exhaust emission of our diesel engines is in line with IMO-TierⅡstandard.

Our marine diesel engines with the power taken out from both ends of the crankshaft are widely used as the main or auxiliary engine of ro-ro ships, oil tankers, container ships, bulk ships, tugboats, dredgers, and naval vessels. The engine can be equipped with remote control device, thrust bearings and all kinds of couplings and gearboxes as per your requirements. Furthermore, we can supply steering, central controlling, monitoring and engine-side operating consoles that features good performance, complete alarming functions, and easy operation and changeover.

GDF also manufactures generator sets with the output of 500kW to 4180kW. These gensets take our own diesel engines as motive machines, and the first-rated generator and electrical device with many features such as low fuel oil consumption, low noise level, easy parallel to power grids and capability of long term operation with good performance. The type of generating sets with emergency device can achieve automated power supply, thus becoming an ideal stand-by or emergency power equipment for power stations and plants.

All the 230, 320, G26 and G32 series of marine engines, as well as marine and land-use generator sets from our factory can be operated on heavy fuel oil of 180cSt/50℃, 380cSt/50℃ or of 1500 sec. Red.No.1/100℉, 3500 sec. Red.No.1/100℉.

GDF is one of the most outstanding diesel engine manufacturers and a professional provider of diesel power solutions. Your satisfaction is our untiring pursuit.